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My Greystones #1: Bridie Mooney

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So, here it is, our very first My Greystones post rescued from a basement fire in December 2014 that wiped out much of our postings for that year, and reposted here in October 2015.

It’s only fitting that our very first My Greystones guest should be a true Greystones icon, pretty much everyone who has lived, loved or just passed through the town having most likely swung into Bridie’s long-running shop on Trafalgar Road.

That the shop is still standing, and thriving, after almost 60 years in the town is incredible. That the woman behind the counter is not only still standing but looking fit as a fiddle after just over 86 years on the planet – well, bejiggers, that’s just beautiful.

The no.1 shop in town for every school kid, or anyone with just a sweet tooth, Mooney & Son stock everything, from gobstoppers to bottles of gas, from vintage postcards to a second-hand faux leather armchair that might just end up taking root.

That Bridie has travelled the world – visiting the likes of Martinique, America, Australia and Indonesia – and found the time to produce, with a little help from her late husband, Robert, seven strapping kids (Patrick, Agnes, Teresa, Thomas, Brigid, Aine and Robert) makes the mind boggle. And the knees buckle.

So, whatever you’re doing in Greystones today, swing by and say hi to the beautiful, beatific and bodacious Bridie. And pick up an Ireland’s Own, if you can. Bridie’s always got a few too many of those in stock.

This very first My Greystones appeared on the Guide on Thursday May 8th 2014. You can view more of them here.

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