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With work on a parallel service road to the southbound lane at Kilmacanogue due to start before Christmas, the N11 is about to a major upgrade between Loughlinstown Hospital and Ashford.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s regional design office are hosting the second phase of a public consultation over the upgrade this Tuesday at The Glenview Hotel, and it’s clear their 22-kilometre scheme may just cause a little commuter havoc.

For the next few years.

Not that there’s any question about the N11 needing an extra lane. In 1999, when the Glen o’ the Downs was widened to a dual carriageway, there were 25,600 vehicles a day passing through. Last year, that number had grown to 53,000.

As well as the proposed third lane, there are also plans for the closure of smaller access roads from north of Bray to Coyne’s Cross, and the redesign of a number of junctions, including Kilmacanogue, Glenview and Delgany interchanges.

The smaller access roads being proposed for closure include turns between the N11 and the Enniskerry Road, the Herbert Road access to Bray, the N11 to Willow Grove and Drummin, and from the N11 northbound to Delgany at Barry’s Bridge.

Wicklow County Council have also asked the design consultants to consider how an express bus lane might be added, which would most likely mean another lane through Glen o’ the Downs – a special area of conservation that was the scene of a three-year protest from 1997 to 200 by eco-warriors over the second lane being added.

Letters have been sent to households along the 22 kilometre route, stating that several options are being considered, and the final decision on preferred options will not be determined until early 2020.

You can check out the proposals on Tuesday, November 12th, at The Glenview Hotel, from 12pm to 8pm. You can also find out more about the Junction 4 To Junction 14 Improvement Scheme right here.


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  1. morgan says:

    You can put as many extra lanes on the N11 and it wont matter a damn.
    There are simply too many people who depend on their cars to get them in and out of work everyday. And way too many cars for that matter.
    And by the time the upgrade takes place there will be even more. Just imagine the heartache while this is going on.. I remember when the Glen was upgraded to a two lane carriageway. I could be stuck for an hour just trying to get through that stretch.
    Public transport is the only way. Put the money into improving this and give hard pushed motorists the option.

    I spend almost 4 hours in and out ( if its raining ) most days stuck in traffic as I simply dont have a suitable option or choice. Its soul destroying. Does anyone actually think its good for the soul to spend so much time going nowhere.? Not to mention if there is an accident which are all to frequent these days especially mornings.
    Anyways I hear that Porsche are currently in the process of protyping an electric flying car that can land and take off like a drone.. Sure by the time the council get their fingers out the road could be redundant. Oh if only.. Or hows about a coastal ferry from Greystones to Grand Canal Dock.

  2. Olga says:

    Get some jobs in South Wicklow so people don’t have to drive to Bray & Dublin to work.

  3. Michael Forde says:

    An extra lane will make no difference to the level of congestion. Research “induced demand”