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October 21, 2020
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October 27, 2020

aving helped soothe many a troubled soul back in October with a surprise free gift, Aisling Leonard is at it again.

Offering up 21 Days of Morning Meditation, as we all face into a new year, and a new lockdown.

Starting on Monday, January 4th, this free wake-me-up might just be the best way to start your 2021.

Here’s Aisling with the lowdown on finding a way to Refocus, Refresh & Reset…

I’d like to invite you to join me for 21 Days of Morning Meditation, a free gift I created for you to help you navigate your way through these uncertain times.

Join me and start the new year by learning how to meditate. Join over 300 others to enjoy morning meditations, from the comfort of your bed, recorded around Co. Wicklow, the garden of Ireland. Allow the energising sounds from nature to revive your mind body and soul.

Did you know that how we spend the first hour in our morning will set the tone and mindset for the quality of our day? Starting on Monday, January 4th, Join me on YouTube every morning, from the comfort of your bed as I guide you through different types of meditations, breathwork and positive affirmations allowing you to refocus, refresh and reset.

We have all experienced an element of pandemic stress, fear and fatigue – driving our fight or flight, our sympathetic nervous system into overdrive. This is why it is so important to listen to this meditation before you get out of bed. Allowing you an extra 15 minutes in bed as I take you on a meditative journey that will activate your parasympathetic nervous system, your rest and digest – allowing your organs to restore and your mind to reset.

If you are unable to listen to this meditation before you get out of bed please listen to it as early as you can to reap the full benefits.

Think of this morning meditation as taking a daily vitamin, charging your phone or putting petrol in your car – as we will begin to create a new neural pathway in your brain empowering you to change the way you look at things, allowing you to greet the day with clarity, acceptance and patience.

You can receive this free gift by registering with your name and email in this link. Upon registration, you will receive a downloadable 21 Day Morning Meditation Calendar, and habit tracker, allowing you to celebrate each morning you treat yourself to an extra 15 minutes in bed and listen to the morning meditation. You will also receive a link to our Facebook Community, your very own virtual bubble – an online space to uplift, inspire and energise each other. I’ll also be sharing some surprises to your inbox along our journey!

I’m so excited to share this time and space with you. Together we will navigate our way through these uncertain times!

You can register for the morning sessions right about here, and follow Aisling’s classes on Instagram here, YouTube here and on Facebook here. You can also get in touch directly on aislingleonard@gmail.com.

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  1. Paul says:

    Just some of our social media comments…

    Lisa Kleiner
    This is fantastic idea!! Thank you Ashling!!

    Rosemary Burke
    Very kind

    Sinead Byrne
    That’s such a lovely thing to do

    Michelle Barrett
    You are an inspiration Aisling

    Mary Daugherty
    Lovely , thank you ❤️

    Denise Hill
    Brilliant idea Aisling. So kind to offer. Well done. ❤

    Eilis O Driscoll
    Nice one Aisling.

    Amanda Sweeney
    Thank you so much for this! X

    Suzanne Hackett Cox
    No better woman

    Nikki Barrie
    Well done Aisling Ní Lionard Always such a big heart