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November 1, 2017
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For the last few weeks, there’s been a mysterious presence on Hillside Road…

Just a shopfront, completely blackened out, with some stark and strangely inviting words typed across its chest.

The Hillside Haunting.

Be the holy, does someone owe Frank Doyle a tenner? Has Mrs Scuffil come back with a knitted army of the undead…?!
Close. It’s actually a cunning murder mystery wrapped inside a maze of puzzles, inside an enigma, inside a ghost story, inside a Houdini escape plan, inside an old shoe shop on Hillside Road.
If you follow.
The brainchild of Mary-Kate Hardy, Ciara McCoy, David Bridgeman and Colm Egan – aka Greystones’ Scooby Doo gang – it’s not exactly easy to explain what The Hillside Haunting entails. Other than, it’s a series of challenges inside a confined space that will, should you work them all out in time,  eventually lead to your escape Also, it’s designed for two or four people to play, at €80 per gang of four, and it’s not for kids, or wimps. Oh, and the haunting part centres on one Brónagh Brown.
Depending on your gall, smarts and ability to not spend the entire visit screaming for your mum, the challenge can take anything from 45 minutes to the rest of your life. And beyond.
Big love from Mary-Kate and the gang to The Whale Theatre too, who have kindly sponsored this intriguing little Greystones venture.

Opening on Friday, October 6th, as you can see, we’re not quite sure what the hellraiser The Hillside Haunting actually involves. Which, of course, is just how Mary-Kate, Ciara, David and Colm want it…

You can find out more on The Hillside Haunting website here, on Facebook here, or Instagram here. You can also email fourfrontgames@gmail.com to find out more.