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October 19, 2020
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Noah’s Arch Gets Some Higher Ground

Latest press release from Cllr Jodie Neary, issued on Tuesday, October 27th 2020…

Cllr Jodie Neary welcomes Irish Rail’s decision to upgrade the bridge at South Beach to address ongoing flooding in the area.

Cllr Neary says, “After seeing continued flooding in the area I contacted the Council to see if anything could be done. They confirmed it was their belief that the flooding issue was to do with the railway bridge under the control of Irish Rail.

“Flooding on a wet day can sometimes reach from the Park and Ride, right around the playground meeting with flooding under the bridge. I highlighted this to the council but was told that there wasn’t the amount of funding available to deal with the Park n ride flooding.

“I then approached Irish Rail to see if they could do anything from their end where water pools up under the bridge often for days after rain has stopped. It can cause major access issues for people often using the area to walk dogs, bring their children to the beach etc… but which all becomes difficult after rain and water is pooled to the point of no access.

“I’m delighted that Irish Rail have taken on my suggestion to look into it and that their engineering and infrastructure Department have reviewed the issue and are working on a solution to rectify it.

“They have a target to complete works by either the year end or early 2021. While this may not solve all of the flooding in the area, it will help to alleviate it and to identify other causes of flooding” concludes Cllr Neary.

Hallelujah arch shot by Rob Lawless. Mediocre arch shots by Pablo.