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June 28, 2020
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North Pier Closed Once Again

It’s become almost impossible to keep up with the headbanging shenanigans going on down at Greystones harbour these days…

Mainly because the powers that be there would appear to be something approaching dried shites, never actually revealing what’s going on down at Greystones harbour.

There’s also the little matter of a small but dedicated group of feckwits who seem determined to cause enough trouble down at our beloved seafront to have it regularly shut down.

Well, the latest twist comes from our local garda, who got word from Sisk early today that, yep, the North Pier is once again shut…

I have been informed that access to the North Pier has been closed once more because of the behaviour of groups of youths and that they had no choice but to close access again indefinitely.

Please remember that if you buy alcohol in the many licences premises that serve take away alcohol the law states that you have to consume this alcohol over 100 metres from the pub. Greystones harbour bye laws state that drinking alcohol is not permitted in Greystones harbour. Please remember that if you drink this alcohol unbeknownst to the publicans within 100metres of their licenced premises it could have implications on their licence renewal. Ignorance is not bliss!

Not sure how big the kids are that are drinking down at the North Pier, but, judging by the large concrete barricades being installed this afternoon, we reckon they must be somewhere in the region of 2 ton each. Unless, of course, Bernard and co are trying to stop vehicles? Vehicles that, perhaps, could be picking up a fisherman’s catch for the day…?

If, by chance, Helen at Glenveagh, Bernard at BJ Marine or Brendan at SISK ever get back to us about their upcoming plans, we’ll let you know just how indefinite that North Pier closure might be…

Update: Eh, three days later, it’s open again. And the fishermen are allowed to land their catches. After 12 years. Boom!