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Nurture Your Natural Beauty

Young Zoe Palmer has been on the blower about an organic way to bring out your face’s natural beauty…

It’s all about targeting those muscles just underneath the skin, helping to lift and tone.

That you can look pretty funny whilst doing Zoe’s Facial Fitness program actually helps too. Laughter is great for just about every atom in your body.

Over to Zoe…

I’m a yoga teacher and beauty therapist from Greystones and I have created an online Facial Fitness program designed to help men and women care for their skin naturally.

This is a results-based program, designed to lift and tone the skin by targeting the muscles underneath, resulting in a more contoured face, less wrinkles and a better complexion, as well as many more benefits.

We apply the same principles as other forms of yoga but to the face, so you can expect to see and feel the results.

In this five-day course you will learn how to:

Care for your skin using natural products.

Lift and tone facial muscles, using a combination of massage techniques and resistance training.

Boost blood circulation and stimulate collagen production and lymphatic drainage.

Relax the overworked muscles that are causing lines and retrain the face to rely on the weaker muscles instead.

Empower yourself to achieve salon standard results at home.

What you will receive:

5 20-minute Videos covering each area of the face.

1 Bonus Video on Homemade Mask Making.

1 Live Virtual Group class with me!

Bloom! You can get in touch with Zoe directly on 0838717104 or zoe.palmer@hotmail.com, and check out her main website here to find out more.