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November 20, 2020
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November 23, 2020

Press release from Burnaby Lawns residents, issued on Monday, November 23rd 2020…

Plans to construct Part 8 housing on a controversial site in the Charlesland/Three Trout area have been met with vocal resistance to the development of an access route through Burnaby Lawns.

Many residents believe that the unnecessary building of a bridge over the Three Trout stream will have a significant negative impact on the environment and biodiversity in the area and increase the risk of catastrophic flooding in their estate once more.

Local People Before Profit representative, Jacqui Johnston, said: “This community experienced a devastating flood in the past which caused untold damage to homes when the Three Trout stream burst its banks during heavy rainfall. It required urgent intervention by emergency services and local authority staff who had to bulldoze walls to allow the water to escape. Some home owners have told me that to this day, they have found it either impossible or extremely difficult to get flood insurance for their homes.

“There has been huge controversy around this site for a very long time with flooding issues central to the objections that have been raised for a number of years. These issues are still present and the residents of Burnaby Lawns and Milbrook believe their estate is still extremely vulnerable to flooding as parts of the estate still have significant water-logging and drainage issues.

“At a recent estate meeting at which environmental and river expertise was offered, residents expressed grave concerns about the proposal to run an access road through the estate and the ludicrous construction of a bridge over the stream to access the housing. There is absolutely no logic to this when the infrastructure already exists on the Charlesland side to access the development, without a fraction of the upheaval or invasive construction needed to bring it through Burnaby Lawns.

“While Greystones absolutely needs social housing it must be sustainable and always mindful of its impact on the environment, biodiversity and adjacent communities. This development represents outrageously poor planning and is environmentally and biodiversity damaging. We in People Before Profit will be standing in solidarity with residents opposed to the proposed access route and will hold a masked, socially distanced protest outside the council offices tomorrow evening when voting takes place on the issue.

“We urge all Greystones councillors who care about the environment and sustainable communities to find an alternative to this ill-thought out proposal.”