Nursing Home Visits Return
March 11, 2021
From The Stables To Laurel Canyon
March 3, 2021

iven that a quick dip at the seafront is a constant kick in Greystones, you’ll pretty much always find a bike or two tied up down there.

Sure, if you’re fit enough to be dipping in that cold Irish Sea water, cycling there is probably on the menu too.

That was certainly the case early this morning for Colin Fulham, who joined his regular crew of Ross Thompson, Andrea Splendori, Ken Kennedy and Liam Sweeney around 8.30am for their morning swim down by The Men’s.

After he had chained his bike to the railings, of course.

Only trouble was, when the fearless five got back from their swim, the bike was gone.

Thinking back, Colin had seen two guys hanging around at the top of the steps, watching them as they headed for the water. Suspicious, like.

Walking back up to The Bitter Lemon, as the lads through Bow Lane, alongside Bochelli’s, Ross noticed a familiar silver bike with a buckled wheel squeak on by on Church Road.

Without thinking, he gave chase, on foot, catching up with the culprit by the time they reached O’Brien’s. Whereupon the bicycle thief dismounted, threw the bike to the ground and, with a distinct West Greystones accent, started giving it some futile frontage. As the other four swimmers arrived though, our would-be gangsta came to his addled senses, and slow-footed it out of there.

“It just goes to show, you can never be too careful,” says Ross. “The bike was chained, but this guy wasn’t going to let that stop him.

“Also, I should point out, if I’d been wearing a Dry Robe, I never would have caught him.

“Aerodynamically, it would have been a disaster. So, time for a rethink, Greystones…”