Over 3,000 Vaccinated At Shoreline By Friday

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May 4, 2021
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May 5, 2021
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Over 3,000 Vaccinated At Shoreline By Friday

atest press release from Minister Stephen Donnelly, issued on Tuesday, May 4th 2021…

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has praised the remarkable progress being made at the Wicklow mass vaccination centre which is set to have administered over 3,000 vaccines by the end of this week.

In its first week the centre, operating out of Shoreline in Greystones, administered over 1,250 vaccines but by the end of this week they expect to administer over 1,750 vaccines.

And in the coming days a second vaccination centre in the Arklow Bay Hotel is set to become operational.

Nationally the vaccine programme saw one of their biggest weeks yet with over 200,000 vaccines administered last week and between 220,000 and 240,000 expected to be done this week.

Last week another milestone was reached when over 1 million first vaccines were administered.

Minister Donnelly said the remarkable progress of the vaccine programme combined with the public’s adherence to the public health guidelines made it possible to announce an easing of restrictions.

Minister Donnelly said: “It has been an incredibly tough year for the country. I know many people have struggled with their mental health and have been coping with loneliness and isolation. But we should be extremely proud of the way the country has come together to take on this terrible disease.

“It is really thanks to that collective effort that not only have we controlled the spread of COVID but actually managed to drive it down.”

However, Minister Donnelly warned the public health guidelines will need to be followed over the coming weeks in order to prevent a dangerous spike in cases.

“My job as Minister for Health is to be nervous, I’m going to be getting up every day in May looking at the number of cases and looking at the infection rates. And while at the moment those numbers are positive they are volatile. It is worth remembering nearly all of our cases now are the B117 variant with is much more contagious.

“Countering that we have these extraordinary vaccines which have helped to crush the positivity rates in our nursing homes and amongst our health care staff. We are striking a balance right now between hope and caution.

“We just need to remember we still need to hold firm for the next few weeks to keep each other and our loved ones safe.”