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March 9, 2019
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Having first formed in London as friends who just happened to be in different bands constantly gigging all over the city, the five members of The Navvies came to realise that, together, they made the sweetest music.

Being together was also the best craic, which kind of helps when it comes to playing old Irish songs we love.

Coming to Greystones for a special Paddy’s Day singalong from 7pm at The Whale, we asked ringleader Barry Moules to let us know what songs really gets their shillelagh rising

Just make sure you have some room to dance – and some tissues to hand…

Luka Bloom You Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time
This one always gets the crowd going. Christy’s brother cleverly uses the traditional tune The Kesh Jig here.

The Fureys & Davey Arthur When You Were Sweet Sixteen

The Fureys’ deliver the best version of this classic, Finbar’s unmistakable voice bringing that extra layer of depth.

Goats Don’t Shave Las Vegas In Hills Of Donegal
Good to keep up with the times, so, this is a modern song about the illegal gambling casinos in Donegal, and sure, even Donald Trump gets a mention here.

The Wolfe Tones Irish Eyes
Written by Brian Warfield about his mother – beautiful song, and highly underrated.

Horslips Trouble With A Capital T

If you can figure out the lyrics, please, do let us know what the hell they’re singing about here.

The Fureys & Davey Arthur The Green Fields Of France
Again, The Fureys deliver the definitive version of another classic. Probably one of the best anti-war songs ever written.

The Dubliners Seven Drunken Nights
One of the best pub songs ever written, the last two verses are still banned off the airwaves after all these years.

Steve Earle Galway Girl
Not strictly an Irish song, but, we’ll take it. Written by the great Steve Earle about his fling with a Galway girl, long before Ed Sheeran had his Road To Oughterard moment.

The Wolfe Tones My Heart Is In Ireland
A song about emigration and the long for our love for the homeland by those who left their childhood behind.

You can grab your tickets for The Navvies’ Paddy’s Day Singalong at The Whale right about here.

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