Pippins Parkinson’s Perfectly Pickled Pics

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June 21, 2019
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June 18, 2019
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Pippins Parkinson’s Perfectly Pickled Pics

It is, of course, the best seat in the house when it comes to the comings and goings of this town…

Literally, given that the harbour is right outside your living room window, and the number of people passing by can average 1,000 an hour on a busy June Thursday afternoon like this.

For Pippins Parkinson, a life spent in Slievemore House – perhaps the town’s finest B&B – has meant the family has not only witnessed just about every major hooley that has hit our harbour, but they’ve also instigated quite a few of them too.

Whenever the Greystones Arts Festival or some dirty big regatta came to town, chances are, everyone would end up back in Parkinson’s place later that night.

It’s a fact borne out by the wonderful pictures that Pippins has managed to unearth this afternoon, gems that had been hidden away for years in boxes, photo albums and drawers all over this beautiful sprawling house.

Thankfully, despite all the parties, and the fact that the Parkinsons are related to the notorious Molloy clan, only a handful of these old photos were too rude for a family newspaper such as GG.

We’ve put up the bulk of today’s goldmine right here, whilst featured below are some firm-buttocked favourites of a fun and fruity bunch. Names have generally been withheld to protect the innocent. And the gingers.


You can see the full gallery of shots here, and you can also check out the mighty Pippins Parkinson’s My Greystones entry here.

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