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Playground Wheelchair Swing Access

It’s one of the country’s most all-inclusive playgrounds, and, for the first time ever in County Wicklow, children in wheelchairs can join in the fun.

Specially designed to accommodate pretty much any wheelchair, this new addition to the town is already proving immensely popular.

It’s the one attraction that needs a key though, and, hey, you can get that key in a multitude of ways.

Well, three – there’s a lock box with the key at the swing, and you can get the code from the neighbouring Greystones District Council offices during working hours. Outside of that, you can grab one from two of the South Beach Playground committee members

For now, it’s Niamh Egan on 0857226980, and Jennifer Whitmore on 0866634747.

You can also pick up your own RADAR key on Amazon for about a fiver or from locksmith Williams Locksmiths on 014756307.

In the meantime, below is an instruction video on how to use the wheelchair swing.

Now, go take our guided tour of the South Beach Playground here.

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