East Coast Falconry
January 18, 2020
Looking After No. 1
January 21, 2020

We may have had an important birthday dinner in Galway to get to this afternoon, but, first, we had to deliver a little happy down at the seafront.

Yep, there was one very excited young girl, and her trusty mutt, who had waited all week for their prize…

Beating out a Cove-full of high-scoring contendersincluding Chewbacca & Harley, Leigha & Jess, Millie & Freddie with Rory, Seb & Buddy, Bailey & Éabha, Sky & Alanna, and Julie’s Three Boys – Mae & Lucky were the winners of this year’s Me & My Pooch.

And that meant fame, glory, power, a framed cert and – most importantly – a €50 voucher to spend in little ol’ Greystones.

So, you can see why these bestest of buddies were keen we make a little detour this morning before hitting the N6. And equally excited were Mae’s mum, Sarah, and her aunt Frances (who entered the winning pic).

Also joining us was the bould Enda from Eastmount Delgany , who were kind enough to sponsor this year’s award – and thus making sure there was a prize. And a framed cert. Boom!

And sure, didn’t we all have great craic, passing the framed cert around, and trying out whole new poses…? Much to Lucky’s confusion.

We’ll be launching this year’s Most Beautiful Baby competition during the week, so, start digging out your beloved sprog’s best shots.

They may not be as cute as dogs, but babies can be pretty good with the tricks after a few years of training…

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  1. Frances Browner says:

    Hurray, Mae & Lucky, thanks to everybody for voting!

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