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February 24, 2021
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Postcard From The Edge

hen it comes to the other dreaded C word, most of us are watching out for our elders.

They’re the ones who are most vulnerable, after all, the ones most likely to catch it.

So, it came as an axis-shifting shock to Greystones mother of two Edel when Covid-19 struck her two young sons recently.

Thankfully, as evidence emerges of the Covid-related illness paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome arriving in Ireland, all three are now on the mend, but the experience has clearly shaken this young mother.

And she feels it’s important that the Guide shares her story…

One night, out of the blue, my 1-year-old son Oran was very sick, and when his breathing became a problem and his temperature soared, I dialled 911.

It was then we discovered that Oran had Covid-19. It was a very scary time – he struggled to eat, struggled to drink, and that temperature stayed very high.

It was only a few days into this that his brother, Oisin, complained of having pains in his legs and chest, and so, we sent him for a test too. And that also came back positive.

And that’s when I got Covid-19 too.

So, the three of us had to self-isolate, for 17 days, given the overlap. And it was just the scariest, darkest time.

We really want to thank the doctors, the garda and the ambulance people as well as all the friends who have helped us through this hard time.

We’re still on the road to recovery but, suffice to say, all of us want people out there to understand just how serious Covid-19 is.

The lockdowns are hard, but, they’re important. Believe me, it’s far, far better than being exposed to this cruel disease…