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March 13, 2019
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Pride (In The Name Of Jaysus)

The mobile phone is, of course, an incredible invention, one that has transformed the lives of pretty much everyone on the planet.

The world is literally at your fingertips, and your mum, your lover and your dog can reach you at any time of day or night.

No matter where you might try and hide.

For all the wonders and blunders of the internet though, and that apron string which can reach right around the circumference of the planet, there’s no question that this little pocket portal has a habit of taking us out of the room we’re in.

And away from the people that we’re sharing that room with.

Which is why we’re putting the call out that, just for Paddy’s Day, you put that feckin’ phone away. Put it on silent. Better still, put in on airplane mode. And, you know, just be with the one you’re with.

As the internet – and, in particular, social media – creates a soul-sucking vacuum where real interaction used to be, the need to reach out and touch somebody’s actual hand has never been greater.

And Paddy’s Day is all about reaching out to the people around you – your friends, your family, complete strangers – and shaking their hand. Followed two hours later, given that we’re Irish, a slap around the back of their head.

The important thing is, let’s make this year’s annual paddywhackery love-in a return to that fine old Irish art of joining hands and making contact with the living.

We can do it, kids. Just for one day.

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  1. Morgan says:

    Heres a question. Speaking of Paddy’s Day.
    Have you or anyone actually ever seen Shamrock growing wild anywhere in Ireland.? An if so….Where.?
    All I have seen is good old Clover which is often mistaken for the latter.
    Just curious..

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