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January 9, 2019
Whole Lotta Love
December 17, 2018

Despite the fact that we haven’t yet managed to get a McDonald’s planted here yet, there’s no question that Greystones is something of a foodie town.

Basically, we need something to soak up all that coffee. And wine.

Given just how many fine restaurants we have, it’s always good to let the rest of the world know just how well served we are around here. And we can do that by nominating our favourite Greystones eaterie in the annual Irish Restaurant Awards.

There are, of course, far too many of these awards floating around, but the Irish Restaurant Awards are undoubtedly one of the more credible gong shows. Mainly because it’s part of The Irish Times empire. Hey, 126 Burnabians can’t be wrong.

From The Pear to the Pigeon, from The Hungry Monk to Joker’s, you can nominate your no.1 Greystones eaterie on the form right here.

Just make sure at least one of you put The Bitter Lemon forward. Tommaso has  connections. And a temper.

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