Protest Over Perpetual 5G Protest Posters

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August 21, 2019
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Protest Over Perpetual 5G Protest Posters

There will be a protest this Saturday, August 24th, at the Meridian Point to highlight the ever-growing presence of anti-5G protest posters in the town.

Thanks to heavy-duty plastic covering, many of these posters have lasted over eight weeks on posts, railings, walls and old people’s backs around the town.

“It’s not just that they’re a blot on our landscape,” said one protest organiser, “but there’s a very real concern about the health risks involved here.

“Not only are many of the posters coated in plastic, but they’re secured to lampposts and railings by small plastic ties. Which, everyone knows, can be lethal to birds, small creatures and thick children.”

With a call for an outright ban in the town on anti-5G protest posters to be tabled at the next Greystones Municipal District Council meeting, Saturday’s committee are hopeful that, just as with the town’s No Fry Zone 4 Kids campaign, their local outcry will go nationwide. And beyond.

“We just feel it’s important to leave a better planet for our children,” finished another protester. “One that’s free from the dangers of plastic, of unsecured slithers of wood, loose screws and, most importantly of all perhaps, infuriatingly basic graphics.

“This is Greystones, after all. Would it kill them to vary the font…?!”



  1. Niall Murphy says:

    I sincerely hope you’re being ironic with this. Otherwise, it’s clearly politically motivated. Do some research on the dangers of 5G. The Council of Europe back in 2011, when it was only 3G, was already recommending a return to wired for schools, due to the danger wifi,posed, particularly to children and pregnant women. You are seriously nuts if you think you and your loved ones will somehow escape its ill effects.

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