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Pull Up To Me Bumper

It has, of course, already been a nightmare this week for the poor unfortunate souls who live in Delgany, with current road works from the Killincarrig entrance causing delays of up to 3½ minutes.

And now, the tortured village looks set for even more delays as a review of Delgany’s roads, footpaths and cycle paths gets underway.

Commissioned by Wicklow County Council, American multinational engineering firm AECOM have just revealed their initial goals for the scheme.

The aim is to ‘provide safe and attractive infrastructure to encourage greater use of sustainable travel modes for trips to work, education, and for recreation‘. They’re clearly hoping to get some sponsorship from those yummy Mars people. The objectives are to not only make life easier for cyclists and pedestrians but to also ‘maintain an appropriate level of provision for other road users‘.

The fact that this sleepy village is being transformed into one giant housing estate may also have something to do with all this.

The study area along the R762outlined above – takes the brunt of the N11 traffic every workday morning and evening, with Wicklow County Council having ‘undertaken a process of public consultation, design and then further public consultation to identify and address issues, and then confirm the proposed scheme‘.

The proposed scheme is part of the national and regional policy known as Smarter Travel: A Suitable Transport Future A New Transport Policy For Ireland 2009-2020 – you can check out their pitch here. – as well as the local Wicklow Development Plan 2016 – 2022 (available to view here).

Here’s the breakdown of the Delgany scheme…

Glen Road/Bellevue Hill junction to Convent Road

The scheme proposes a number of improvements to the Glen Road/Bellevue Hill junction. The improvements include footpath build-outs and reduced corner radii at the mouth of the junction to narrow the carriageway and reduce crossing distances for pedestrians; a raised table across the junction to reduce vehicle speeds and serve as an entry treatment to the village; provision of a disabled person’s parking bay on the east side of the junction; provisions of trees and bicycle stands on the new footpath area on the east side of the junction.

The footpath on the northern side of the road along this section will be widened and resurfaced with a formal parking area provided outside of the residential units on Glen Road.

The junction at Convent Road will be improved by the provision of footpath build-outs and reduced corner radii at the mouth of the junction.

Convent Road Junction to Delgany National School

In order to provide appropriate pedestrian facilities from Convent Road around the bend to Priory Gate, road widening is proposed. The road widening will require the set back of a section of the boundary wall (circa 80m) on the northern side of the road. To facilitate this third party lands will need to be acquired. The footpath on the northern side of the road will be widened to 2m with a 6m-wide carriageway.

The existing off-road cycle track east of Elsinore junction will be removed, while planting will be maintained to improve visibility and signs located in the pedestrian footpaths relocated to a position outside of the pedestrian desire lines. The existing ramped crossing to the east of the junction will be resurfaced and new tactile paving installed.

Delgany National School to Delgany Wood Avenue

A shared surface for pedestrians and cyclists is proposed from Delgany National School to Delgany Wood Avenue junction, allowing access to the school from the residential estate.

A new verge with landscaping is proposed between the shared surface and the edge of the carriageway.

A raised table is proposed over the junction of Church Road/Delgany Wood Avenue.

Footpath build-outs and reduced corner radii are proposed at the junction to improve crossing facilities and reduce vehicle approach speeds.

Delgany Wood Avenue to Killincarrig Roundabouts

On the north side of the road, segregated cycling facilities will continue on Church Road, up to the roundabout at Killincarrig. It is proposed that the cycle facilities will tie into shared surfaces for pedestrians and cyclists the existing footpaths and travel on shared space around the roundabout. On the south side of the road, cyclists will be ramped down from the shared surface to the eastbound cycle track.

Raised entry treatments, tactile paving and reduced corner radii are proposed at side road junctions along the road to provide improved pedestrian crossing facilities and reduce vehicle speeds at the junctions.

Submissions and observations may be made to Allyson Minion, Administrative Officer, Transportation, Water & Emergency Services, Wicklow County Council Buildings, Station Road, Wicklow Town, Co Wicklow on or before 12 noon on Monday, November 12th 2018.

All comments, along with the names and addresses of those making the comments, will be form part of the statutorily required report which will be presented to the monthly meeting of Wicklow County Council, appearing in the minutes of the meeting and, consequently, the council’s website. You have been warned.

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