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Putting Greystones To The Test

Ireland’s battle against the spread of Covid-19 has been admirable, and it has saved many lives…

A small but definite rise in cases over the past week though has seen some medical experts express concerns over a possible second wave here.

Which means that the country’s health – and the country’s economy – has become even more uncertain. And it’s that frightening unknown that inspired Greystones dentist Lisa Lucey to do more than just give Greystonians a sparking smile.

Back in late March, Lisa began exploring the options for testing for Covid-19. “It was myself and another dentist who asked ourselves how could we help on the frontline,” she explains. “Even just to get businesses back up and running, so people could have somewhat normal lives, and the economy could stay on track.

“We did an awful lot of research into what was a good test, and quickly realised that there were a lot of bad ones out there. Which only made us dig deeper and deeper to try and find one that took the lead in this area, and it led us to a Swiss test, one that has a 100% sensitivity, and a 98.8% specificity.”

The winner proved to be the MosaiQ by Quotient, a Covid-19 test that was CE marked (meaning it had reached EU safety standards) on May 1st. With the initial trial runs at Lucey Dental proving highly successful, Lisa and husband Conor are now offering this antibody test to the general public. After a small sample of blood is taken, the results are back in 24 hours.

“The HSE are conducting Active Virus PCR tests,” explains Conor, “which is based on the swabbing of nose or throat, to see if you’ve got Covid-19. Our test is really about finding out if you’ve had the virus already, and, if so, has your body developed antibodies in response?”

Which would be nice. We swung by Lucey Dental this evening, to find out just what’s on offer, and the difference it can make when it comes to kicking Covid-19’s ass…

The antibody test is available for the special launch price of €95, whilst a PCR live virus test is €130 – details here. You can find out more about Lucey Dental here, about MosaiQ by Quotient here, and get in touch directly on or 012872425.