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December 23, 2018
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January 1, 2019

For most of us, January isn’t the only month of the year when we really wish that we were in better shape..

From the first month to the last, there’s often a desire to find that fitter, slimmer, healthier inner you.

And sometimes, all you really need to achieve that goal is someone to watch over you.

Which is where Penny and Patricia at Slimming World come in. With classes every Tuesday and Wednesday at Éire Óg Greystones and every Thursday at Byrne’s Pub in Kilcoole, these ladies speak from experience. And they’re here to help.

Here’s the lowdown…

With 62% of adults in Ireland currently overweight or obese, there has never been a better time to tackle this challenging health problem. Slimming World are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and have been helping Irish men & women to lose weight and stay slim for Life for almost 10 years.

Meet two local consultants who have teamed up at Eire Og GAA Club, Greystones to support people in the town, and the surrounding area to lose weight & get healthy once and for all in 2019.

Patrica Byrne, a typical yo-yo dieter, lost 2 stone on her own journey with Slimming World. After breaking her leg and being told by doctors she may never walk again, she summoned up the courage to join her local Slimming World group, and with the support and encouragement of like-minded members & her consultant, she reached her target, and 3 and a half years ago went on to become a consultant herself and currently has groups in Kilcoole & Greystones.

Penny Roche joined Slimming World in 2014 after seeing an unflattering photo of herself at a friends wedding. Having tried all sorts of diets over the years with limited success, she had heard amazing things about the Slimming World plan and decided that this was it – she had to tackle her weight once and for all. Amazed and delighted at how easy the plan was to follow, she went on to lose over 6 stone and became a consultant herself in 2017 with her Greystones group.

Patricia and Penny are living proof that the Slimming World Food Optimising Plan works. “We eat all our favourite meals – like curry & chips, burgers, lasagne – and we both have families who all love the healthy cooked food just as much as us! If you are looking to find out more or join one of our groups, you will find us at Eire Og Gaa Club, Mill Road, Greystones on Tuesday evenings @ 5.30pm & 7.30pm, Wednesday mornings @ 9.30am & 11.30am and Wednesday evenings @ 7.30pm. We’re also at Byrne’s of Kilcoole on Thursdays at 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

Pop down – what have you got to lose??

You can find out more by calling 016569696, or getting in touch directly with Penny on 0877093841 and Patricia on 0834434288. You can find out more about Slimming World here.

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