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Remote Tribe A Little More Remote

The lights have temporarily gone out on Greystones’ much-heralded and highly-anticipated shared office space Remote Tribe.

Which is a pisser, of course, given that such workplace love-ins are badly needed in the town.

Posting on their social media, Andrea and Justin of the Remote Tribe gang stated…

Are are writing to sadly advise that Remote Tribe will no longer be opening our co-working offices as planned. Our major sponsor pulled out without notice and this has compromised our business model. We have made attempts to find an alternate backer, but without success.

The RT was never set up to drive profit, it was always built on community. We have tried to negotiate our finances but our creditors were unwilling to consider any alternative.

I do hope another company will pick up on our ideas, and we are willing to share all of our plans and structure if anyone does come along.

Let’s hope we all do find a way to commute less, come together more and build on ideas of the Remote Tribe.

If you want to get involved with this shared-office hub, you can contact Remote Tribe directly on

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