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January 12, 2017
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Stephen’s Green was alive today, to the sound of music, and singing, and laughter, as the Caroline Foundation lined up another nutty hootenanny in their sights.

The event is the nationwide Give Us A Song singathon happening on the first weekend in February to mark World Cancer Day on the 4th.

Here’s the spiel, baby…
RTÉ stars Aine Lawlor and Miriam O’Callaghan and leading cancer specialist Prof John Crown were among those who launched a unique fundraising campaign for cancer research in Dublin this morning.
Performers from all musical traditions joined them in St. Stephen’s Green, including Lisa Lambe, Piccolo Lasso Choir and The Key Notes group – and sang  to appeal to choirs, groups, friends and colleagues to put on singing performances over the weekend of 4th February to mark World Cancer Day.  The money raised will go to The Caroline Foundation for Cancer Research.
“We’d love people in villages, towns and cities all over the country to get out and sing for this important cause” said Aine Lawlor who is fronting the Give Us A Song! campaign.   “Advances in cancer research mean that more and more people who get a cancer diagnosis are now surviving. By supporting cancer research programmes, we are helping our doctors and scientists to work towards decoding and ultimately defeating cancer”.
“The privilege of looking after patients with cancer and being invited into their lives is one that humbles me every day” remarked Prof. John Crown of the Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT) at St. Vincent’s Hospital.  “I’m so pleased that I’ve practised long enough to see dramatic improvements in the prognosis for some of the cancers that we treat, but I’m also reminded on a daily basis of the cancers where improvements have been modest.”   The Caroline Foundation supports the work of the CCRT which is self funding.
 “World Cancer Day falls on the 4th of February each year.  It’s a remarkable coincidence that this was also Caroline’s birthday” said her father, Dermod Dwyer.   The Caroline Foundation was established in 2013 after the 35 year old died following a nine year battle with cancer  “It’s a very special day in our calendar and we hope to make it a special day for everyone by making Give Us A Song! an annual event” he added.
The Caroline Foundation hopes that this grass roots endeavour will extend to every part of the country.  To give everyone in the community an opportunity to get involved, Give Us A Song! will run from Friday 3 February until Sunday 5 February.  Some singers will busk on the street while others will perform in the warmer confines of their work, church, school or pub.  There’ll be concerts in local halls and GAA clubs.  And there’ll be lots of sing songs at home too.

During their recital, gig, concert or sing-along, people are being asked to raise funds for the Caroline Foundation for Cancer Research.

You can find out more about joining Give Us A Song on The Caroline Foundation website right here, or you can email giveusasong@thecarolinefoundation.com for further info.

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