Samba Drumming For The Beat Generation

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September 22, 2018
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Samba Drumming For The Beat Generation

Making sure that our young ‘uns get on the good foot early, Music Generation Wicklow are hosting another series of samba drumming classes down at Charlesland.

And, once again, these drum lessons are cheap as Chip Taylor.

As the poster says, this is a chance for teenagers and kids to ‘quickly learn how to hold rhythm and beat, use different samba percussion instruments, and drum as a group‘. 

Boom! Ba-da-da-da-BOOM!

Launching on January 10th, and running every Friday for 10 weeks, these MaSamba classes are from 5pm to 6.10pm, and the two separate age groups are 13-years-to-17 and 8-years-to-12.

And the beauty of it all, the whole 10 weeks costs just €50. Awopbopaloobop-awopbamBOOM!

Booking is essential – so get in touch with the bould Ann Catherine Nolan on or 0867909887.

You can find out more about MaSamba here, and about Music Generation Wicklow here. Oh, and check out previous samba classes at Charlesland here, and here.

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