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January 13, 2021
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January 10, 2021

ith nine months of lockdown tucked under our straining belts, is it any wonder what all that livin’ la vida sofa has done to us?

It’s left just about every man, woman and dog struggling to flatten their our own particular Covid curve.

That our happiness is very much linked to our healthiness is something local fitness coach Tiernan Dillon firmly believes in.

And given that a Department Of Health survey in November revealed that two thirds of Irish men are overweight or obese, the bould Tiernan has actually decided to do something about it, coming up with an 8-week online programme, ProjectMan, designed specifically for the chubbier male of the species.

With plenty of local lads more than ready for this jelly eliminator, Tiernan only has five spaces left for the January 18th start. And he knows how they’re probably feeling too, given his own long and winding search for that right combination of diet, exercise and, most importantly, pleasure.

“That’s the one thing that is nearly always missing when it comes to all these weight-loss or health routines,” he explains. “Food you actually love, or a little booze, chocolate, some guilty pleasures. You have to include those in any diet, otherwise, it’s all work and no staying power…”

Having been a coach at Nikafit for the past two years – after, eh, seven years of selling cars in Iraq – it was trainer and mentor Katy Tanham that introduced Tiernan to the importance of nutrition and calories when it came to that all-important energy balance.

And so it was that ProjectMan was born, Tiernan having made it his life’s mission to “strip away the BS” when it comes to the fitness industry by providing men with the one-off set of basic tools for getting healthy, and happy.

With our fine, muscular belly sucked all the way in, GG caught up with Tiernan down at the harbour today to find out more…

Starting on January 18th, you can find out more about – and sign up to (before Jan 14th) –  ProjectMan 1.0 right about here. Cover image courtesy of calmzone.

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  1. Paul says:

    Just some of the early comments on our social media…

    Mark Barry
    I highly recommend Tiernan and program Projectman, he has given me a whole focus and belief to achieve when I had started to think it was too late.
    Invest in yourself. #projectman #tiernandillon

    Olly James
    Couldn’t agree more with the comments above. Tiernan has given me a new focus and also given me the ability to see my weight loss journey in a much simpler way!! He really helps you to achieve your goals but also shows you how to ensure the tweaks and changes are sustainable.

    Neil Kenna
    Would definitely recommend Tiernan Dillon for any fitness/ weight loss program. Gets results and also makes it a bit of craic!

    Carl Mooney
    Couldn’t recommend this program highly enough. Tiernan was excellent to work with and the program was not just easy to follow but good fun and even had a bit of banter within the group with people I’d never even met. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever lose the belly I’d gotten in my mid thirties… certainly not in just 8 weeks!

    Katherine Martin
    No better man for the job! Tiernan is so knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and weight loss and he’s great craic too.

    Jack Ryan
    Tiernan is a great coach & an even better person.
    I would encourage any man looking to make a significant change to their health and quality of life to trust the process. Tiernan knows how to guide you through what can be a daunting journey. He makes it easy and enjoyable while empowering you to make lasting changes.
    Project Man is going to change so many men’s lives.

    Claire Daly
    Brilliant interview Tiernan Dillon I was lucky enough to have you coach me and you totally changed my mindset in relation to nutrition and I havn’t looked back. Literally life changing! Best of luck in the new venture

    Joe Mitchell
    Top man Tiernan, great interview. Incredibly dedicated to his work. All the lads taking part in the programme will see this in spades

    Anne-Marie Griffin
    Amazing!! Great interview and great programme Tiernan !! (Project Wo-man next?? )