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September 2, 2019
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Sgt. Pepperoni’s Heart Club Band

The Artist Formerly Known As Alan Adamson assures us that, hey, he’s going a-wanderin’ no more.

Having gone AWOL in London, Manchester and Liverpool back in June, six weeks ago, Elvis was away with the ferries again.

This time, it was just Manchester, and once again, Alan came home without his phone, his money and a clear idea of what he got up to.

Other than losing his phone. And his money.

Thankfully, The King has sworn off sudden away-days – “Definitely, I swear, never again, no way!” – and is happy to be back to Greystones, back to full health, and back to free lunches.

Today, it’s the town’s newly-opened pizza joint Enso, who have one of those fiery stone ovens on the go, and a rather delicious selection of Firehouse Bakery pastries and beyond for afters.

For The King and I, the order of the day is Pepperoni and Piccante respectively, the latter’s spiciness reduced a tad by the removal of those ring-of-fire jalapeno peppers.

It took Elvis a good 20 seconds to finish his family-size serving – having taken a break halfway through for a quick fag – and we reckon the mix of freshly-blackened forlocks, freedom and free food had the man near levitating with joy.

But, as always, the question of everybody’s curled-up lip is, did Enso deliver a lunch fit for The King…?

You can check out the Enso menu here. You can also catch some more lunches with Elvis right here, and our interview with Enso founder Warren right here.

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