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August 21, 2019
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August 9, 2019

When it comes to finding your true inner self, letting your voice ring out has a way of revealing as much about the singer as the song.

It happens again and again – a shy, retiring wallflower suddenly blossoms into Aretha Franklin in full flight.

Once you give them the room to breathe, to move, to believe in themselves.

That’s the aim of longtime music and arts teachers Darryn and Elaine Scott, this married couple having decided to bring their many individual talents – in piano, voice, acting, meditation, and beyond – together in one class. So they can teach the world to sing. In perfect harmony.

“It’s all about helping people reach their full potential,” explains Darryn. “Singing is such a joyous activity, and we want to create a fun environment where students will not only bring out their true inner voices, but also that person we all have inside of us who’s just bursting with energy, and confidence, and ambition, and love…”

Starting on Friday, September 6th down at Greystones Studios, Sing Up will involve groups of only 10 or less, to ensure that everyone is along for the ride. As Darryn and Elaine explain… 

You can find out more about Darryn and Elaine’s Sing UP! classes on Facebook here, or you can email them directly on The 15-week term costs €300.

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