Marina Restaurant Still Off The Menu
April 26, 2020
Think Of The Mothers!
April 28, 2020

We had a huge amount of fun last year with 100 Days 100 Greystonians, capturing everyday people on the streets where they live.

And we had planned to go around again later in the summer, to catch a whole new batch in their natural habitat.

With lockdown in full swing though, we thought it might be interesting to start charting life in Greystones over the next 100 days as we hopefully go from self-isolation to something close to outdoor elation.

We have some shots on file from before Mother Nature sent us all to our rooms for making another mess, and we’ll mix these in over the coming months. For now, it’s all about that lockdown, and people managing to get out for their daily blast of exercise and fresh air.

Along with the new generation of Greystonians, as always, we’re keen to catch those who have lived a long and happy life here. So, if you’ve got an elderly loved one cocooning, and you’d like us to take a quick photograph – at a safe distance, of course – on the road outside their house, just email, and we’ll make a cunning plan.

For now, each day on Facebook and Instagram for the next 100 days, we’ll add another dashing, debonair and devilishly handsome Greystonian. And just for balance, the odd ugly feck too, of course.

You can catch last year’s 100 Days 100 Greystonians here, 2020’s year’s here, and jump back even further with our deep archive of Greystones people here.