Some Lockdown Love From Escape Boutique

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March 31, 2020
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April 1, 2020
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Some Lockdown Love From Escape Boutique

Style is, of course, timeless, and it’s at times like this that we have to remind ourselves of just how beautiful, and groovy, we are.

Which is why Escape Boutique down the town are boxing up lots of fine clothes, as they move their extensive wardrobe online.

And to thank those who have continued supporting this longstanding Greystones fashion hub, Sorcha and co have come up with a sweet little gift.

Over to Ms Murphy…

We know life is tough at the moment and we want to bring a smile to your face, style to your wardrobe and brighten your week. This week we want to show how grateful we are to have amazing customers like you during a time like this. To say thank you, until the 6th of April we are offering you a voucher for Escape Boutique worth half the price of your online order.

Be. The. Jiggers. That’s a pretty generous gift, and no mistake. That’s like an extra trouser leg with every pair you buy!

Sorcha signs off by thanking Greystones and beyond for their support, and helping everyone at Escape get through the past few weeks.

Goes without saying – right now, your favourite Greystones businesses need your business. You’d be doing them a huge favour.

You can check out Escape Boutique online here, or get in touch directly on