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Somewhere Over The South Beach…

What is it about rainbow that make us so mystical and mythical, and generally all-round misty-eyed…?

It’s just sunlight hitting water droplets just so, and creating a spectrum of light in the sky…

Still, there is something undeniably beautiful, and more than a little magical, about a rainbow. Especially given that there be a crock o’ gold at the end of it. Somewhere. Over the railway. Way up high in the Burnaby.

With spring and summer battling it out in true Irish fashion, with magnificent bursts of sun and great big splatterings of rain going head-to-head, those multi-coloured arcs have been popping up all over Greystones in the last few days.

And just about every Tom, Dee Brennan [left] and Susan Brambell [right] has managed to get a wonderful picture or two of these beauties

Even GG was pretty darn proud of the above shot, taken on Saturday evening as Greystones main street recovered from yet another heavy shower. But then, we got home, and checked our inbox.

And there, smiling back at us, bigger, brigher and more colourful than we could ever have imagined, were Brian Keeley’s glorious shots of the same rainbow.

And being Keeley, the bugger would have you believe that the rainbow was leading us all to the Ballygannon end of the South Beach. Where, when you think about it, there’s gold a-plenty.

A big shout-out too to another Guide favourite, Lisa Hempenstall, whose double-rainbow on the South Beach from a little further back than Brian’s dirty big lens can reach is also a thing of joy and wonder. Also, we’ve included some earlier Rainbow warriors here, because, hey, that’s how we roll…

Bucket Of Gold SAT8JUNE19 Pablo Photography

Rainbow South Beach 18MAY17 Lisa Hempenstall

Rainbow On South Beach Sat 20MAY17 Brian Keeley

Rainbow On South Beach Sat 20MAY17 Brian Keeley

Rainbow On South Beach Sat 20MAY17 Brian Keeley

South Beach Thurs 18MAY17 Brian Keeley

Drummin Trees Rainbow. Pic Anne Fitzsimmons

Rainbow Bear 8JUNE17 Niall McKenna

Rainbow Over Greystones by Tommy Moran 23NOV17

Rainbow from The Cove 20MAY17 Flynn Twins

Kilcoole Beach After The Storm 21OCT17 Brenda Malley

Rainbows End. Pic John Hickey

Rainbow Bear 28FEB17 Pea McDonald

Double Rainbow Delight. Source: Unknown

Rainbow Sunday 19MAR17 Brian Keeley

Harbour Rainbow Fri 10MAR17 Brian Keeley

North Beach Rainbow Pic Cian Ó Dálaigh Riain

Harbour Rainbow 2007 Pablo Photography

Rainbow Sun 25SSEPT16 Liz Cusack

Morning Glory Rainbow April 2017 Liz Cusack

Sugar Loaf Rainbow Tues 26JULY17 Fiona Alston

Greystones Rapeseed Field by Feargal Breathnach

Now, go check out Greystones from above right here.

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