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December 23, 2019
Greystones Person Of The Year 2019
December 26, 2019

We’re pretty sure that this afternoon’s turnout for the town’s annual Christmas Day Swim set at least one new record.

Mildest Christmas Day Ever! Biggest Christmas Day Swim Crowd Ever! Most Chilled Out Half-Naked Greystonians Ever!

Take your pick, they’re all headed for the Guinness Book of Records, December 25th, 2019 proving to be the sweetest Christmas Day afternoon dip in living memory.

With the bould John McGowan heading through the throng to get all the proper portrait shots from the big day, we swung down with our wobbly camera-phone for a taste of the nautical naughtiness of the day.

And we’re still not sure that it’s a winter’s day out there. Man, that was one sun-kissed Christmas Day.

We have John’s gallery added now, a little late in the dayeven we GG workers had to be fed, watered and slaughtered by one too many Baileys.

So, come on, baby, take a walk with us, through another fine Greystones tradition…

You can check out the full Pablo and John McGowan gallery in hi-res right about here, and jump back to previous Christmas Day Swims here.

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  1. Frances Browner says:

    Great pictures and video. Well done Jakob & Maggie in one of the above photos (Gerry with camera!) What a wonderful Christmas morning in Greystones. Thanks for capturing it!