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March 28, 2017
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Studio 54, Where Are Ya…?!

It was, of course, arguably the classiest nightclub that Wicklow ever did see…

It was certainly the super-snazziest.

A place where many long-lasting friendship, marriages and illegitimate babies were forged, all within the hallowed walls of this fine drinking and dancing emporium.

Given just how many people bopped, snogged, shifted and threw up in Cabana’s, the mystery remains – how come it’s so feckin’ hard to find shots of Greystones’ renowned Temple of Doom?

Sure, we got some grand Teen Life shots back in September 2015, and the sweet Suzanne Fox-Byrne came to our door in February with pics of wild nights in de Rugby Club, but our heartfelt plea for more Greystones nightlife shots has resulted in barely a sausage.

Plainly, people are just too embarrassed to reveal their teenage wildlife to the entire town. Especially given that kids are probably reading the Guide too.

Thankfully, this afternoon, whilst catching up on the latest Delgany gossip with the town’s finest meat merchants, the Farrelly brothers, Anthony and Padraig finally came good on their promise to dig out snaps they’d taken during their time as barmen down in Cabana’s.

And be the holy, what snaps they are. The brothers tell me these shots were for a wall of fame in Cabana’s, but we find that hard to believe.

And just how dedicated were Delgany’s answers to the Maysles brothers when it came to being flies on Cabana’s walls? Heck, these lads even went into the ladies with their trusty Polaroid, just to make sure they captured every single second of shenanigans that went on in de club.

Heck, they even got a shot or two of the lady of the house, Olive Doyle – aka The Doylatrix.

So, feast your eyes, and then wash them, thoroughly. We recognise a handful of people here – if you know any passionate young teen here – or you happen to be one of them – let us know. We’ll be filling in the names, and excuses, in a week or two…

You can read the Bray People spiel for Cabana’s big July 8th, 1983 Gala Opening here, check out the second batch of Farrelly fotos from their nightclub years here, and catch up with the world’s finest DJ right here.


  1. Fi Traynor Childs says:

    Great pics down memory lane Paul regards Fiona Traynor Childs Greystones Festival Q 1987. Fifi ❤

  2. Fi Traynor Childs says:

    Great photos. Greystones Festival Q 1987. Thanks for the pics down memory lane Paul. Fiona aka Fifi

  3. Ken says:

    And there’s more….

    Steve Carroll aka Mr. Blue Turtle Promotions and the first man in Eire to own a mobile phone as big as a bungalow.

    Sinead Cafferkey

    Dave Purnell of course.

    A young Olive D.

    One of the Vines girls, Louise maybe?

    Clodagh Power.

    Mr. Grooms.

    Eimer Devereaux maybe in one of those pics?

    Fiona Traynor (Bray Festival Queen in the last 80’s I believe)

  4. Ken says:

    I recognise a lot of faces in those pics. but i’m struggling with the names. The O’ Kelly sisters ( Fi Fi ? ) who used to work in The Burnaby feature separately above, The family home was at Templecarrig iirc.

    I’m sure Johnny Morrison and Mr. Gallaher (he was from Applewood I tink) appear above in the pics. too.

    Good snaps.

  5. John says:

    O my god. I recognize so many faces. Thank you Paul for posing these pictures what a trip!! They sure where the best night pure fun, I just don’t remember ever seeing anyone with a camera 🙂

  6. Tara says:

    I remember a fashion show in the Ballroom of the La Touche around that time. I think it was Punch and Judys clothes shop beside the old copper kettle that organised it. If not then it was Hannie Bs in Bray in the arcade. I dont recognise anyone in the photo but if you could find someone linked to Punch and Judys clothes shop they might know. I could be wrong but Kay Desmond might have been involved.

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