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Sunil Wins Another Feckin’ Award

It would be fair to say that Sunil Ghai had a pretty darn good time at this year’s Taste of Dublin shindig.

Not only did he get to rub shoulders with the likes of Michel Roux Jr and Tom Kitchin, but there was also the little matter of picking up another gong for his mantlepiece.

Well, when we say mantlepiece, we mean that little awards shrine down in his Charlesland takeaway.

Yep, Tiffin By Sunil bagged 1st place for Best Dish at this year’s Taste Of Dublin foodie love-in, coming hot on the heels of Sunil’s Irish Restaurant Award in May, and making The Irish Times100 Best Restaurants list on June 1st.

We reckon the guy kinda knows what he’s doing at this point. As anyone who has eaten a Tiffin By Sunil takeaway will tell you.

Congrats to young Mr Ghai and the whole Charlesland team. Now, if you could just throw a few chips in with that Iaal maas…

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