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August 11, 2018
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August 13, 2018

It may have taken something of a Ryanair detour, after rain delayed this flight for 24 hours, but Airplane! proved to be an incredibly smooth ride this calm and balmy Sunday night down at The Cove.

And it made for a surprisingly mellow night, as all the worry of Saturday night’s rain making a comeback melted away into that warm night air.

The fact that we were all there to watch one of the funniest movies of all time may have helped a little too, of course, as everyone sat back, free ice cream and free popcorn in hand, with the occasional free glider airplane flying gently overhead too.

As an extra-added treat, Dylan E. Crampton and his trusty panda sidekick were there for the big-screen premiere of his kicking new single, Sugar, shot down on the South Beach. It was the perfect pop sugar rush start to such a night.

And those leftover clouds from Saturday meant the night got darker that little bit earlier than usual for a hot August night, and, given that this was a Sunday night, we managed to get Airplane! off the ground 10 minutes early.

Which actually pissed off one cutting-it-fine-for-10pm arrival, but, hey, there were a lot of old people out there tonight, on a beach, with midnight approaching, and the chance of an early night looked pretty crucial for some of them.

We’re looking at you, Val Kiernan.

Big thanks to Ross McParland and The Whale crew for yet another wonderful night down at The Cove, and the top-class production by Dave and the Outdoor Movies gang. Rumour has it, next summer’s run will begin with a bring-your-dog screening of Disney’s 101 Dalmations. Boom!

You can view – and download for free – the full gallery of hi-res shots from the night here.

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