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March 12, 2020
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March 13, 2020
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Taking The Mick Out Of Vincent’s

It’s always when Vincent’s is closed that those very special bags of donations are dropped at the door.

Left, no doubt, by jetsetting do-gooders who are catching the red-eye to Paris, and just couldn’t manage to call during normal working hours.

The twist being, of course, these early birds always manage to worm an awful lot of dregs and dross into their donation bags.

And in some cases, it’s nothing but dregs and dross.

It happens over at The Thrift Shop in Kilcoole, and it happens on a pretty much weekly basis at Greystones’ ever-popular Vincent de Paul.

Last Monday was a particularly spectacular crock of crap, a sly Samaritan spotted on CCTV dropping off bags of no-longer-loved toys and clothes that would give landfill a bad name

The local district council have the video, and the pics, and the rubbish she left behind, so, who knows, crap and crapper may soon be reunited. In court.

In the meantime, we caught up with Vincent’s head honcho, Tamara, to find out more about this growing pain in the ass…

Now, go check out a day in the life of Vincent’s Greystones here.


  1. Gwen apaskins says:

    Well, heres another one. For years Miley in the avoca recycling centre has spent his own time organising the bookshop which has raised thousands for charity. It has also fed my mothers love of reading. Went down when she was in hospital to get her some books. Closed. Apparently people had been leaving bags of garbage in the bookstore including broken glass picture frames and utter shite. Health and safety have now closed them down.

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