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Temple Carrig’s Cabin Fever Guide

The school itself may be in darkness, but that doesn’t mean Temple Carrig’s principal, Alan Cox, can’t shine a light for all his little over-achievers.

Having been sent out last week, young Cox has outlined a few productive ways to spend all this enforced me time.

Mainly to protect the mental health of all the parents out there cooped up with teenager offspring who might just be bouncing off the walls right about now.

Take it away, Coxy…

One week into this new way of living and if you’re anything like my own kids, you’re probably utterly fed being stuck at home with only your family for company. However, do remember that, in the wake of St Patrick’s Day, when we celebrate our Irishness and our pride in our country, this is the most patriotic thing you can do and have ever been asked to do. 
Patriotism isn’t about cheering at a Six Nations match or banging on about a United Ireland or anything like that. It’s about putting your country’s needs ahead of your own and at this crucial moment in Ireland’s history, Ireland needs YOU. It doesn’t need you to risk your life like other generations did, it needs you to put up with the boredom and frustration of staying at home rather than hanging out with friends and I hope for this reason if nothing else you will be a true patriot and observe the guidelines about social distancing that have been issued. I know you’re bound to be frustrated not being able to go out, but people are DYING of this disease and at this moment your country desperately needs teenagers more than anyone else to support the efforts to minimise the impact of the virus. Be patriotic.
And I also have a challenge for you…
There were a lot of other people who were famously stuck at home. Isaac Newton had to self-isolate to avoid the bubonic plague and while he did he discovered the Theory of Gravity. When St Paul was under house arrest, he wrote encouraging letters to other new Christian communities, letters (or epistles) which form the bulk of the New Testament. William Shakespeare had to stay at home, again to avoid a plague, and while there he wrote the play King Lear (I do appreciate that many TCG Fifth Years probably wish he hadn’t…). Meanwhile, Anne Frank wrote a journal of her enforced and lengthy time in hiding that is now the second most widely read non-fiction book in the world ever (behind the Bible)
What I’m getting at is that this is likely to be the first of many weeks of this new style of living and you can mope about and throw tantrums about how unfair it all is that you’re stuck at home or you can challenge yourself to do something incredible like those guys did. 
You could…
Write a novel, play, short story
Learn a new musical instrument
Target a language you’re learning and aim to become completely fluent in that language by using all the online resources that are available – imagine being fluent in French and knowing you can absolutely nail this subject!
Learn to cook
Read the entire works of Shakespeare
Develop that ripped physique you’ve always dreamed of
Set up a charity or do something amazing for other people
Research and learn one particular Leaving Cert subject so that you have a complete mastery of it
Build something amazing
Create a new website or internet company
For me, I’m going to try to use the extra time to do something about my weight and deteriorating fitness. I’m going to follow Mr Crean’s online PE lessons for the coming weeks. That’s my personal challenge to myself. But you can set your own goal and do something even more remarkable.

Sound advice. You can check out a few more things to do during this Lockdown Lite right here.

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