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The Bear Paw Deli & Catering Company

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Are you, perchance, a fan of yummy, scrumptious, homemade food…?

Well, get your tummy – and your bummy – down to The Bear Paw Deli & Catering Company in the greatest little village in the land, Delgany and the coolest town, Greystones. Nice!

And if you’re not within spittin distance of either, hey, Bear Paw are on Theatre Lane in Greystones too.

Specialising in, well, yummy food, The Bear Paw Deli & Catering Company are famous for their sinful cakes, their gourmet sandwiches, salacious salads, patés, cheeses, sweets, preserves, cured meats and big friendly smiles. Especially the latter, given the always-sunny nature of the lovely lads and lassies behind the counter.

And if you need that yummy Bear Paw food to come to you, the guys do, of course, cater. But only for groovy people. So, if you’re not groovy, send someone else in to book the date for you.

Yep, it’s Homemade Heaven – for every Hungry Hippo, Hipster, Hustler, Harlot & Harry.

Just call 012016006 or email If you’re on the oul’ Facebook, you can message Claire & co here, or check out their main website here.

You can check out our May 2017 interview with Claire here. And our August 2017 interview  – as the Bear Paw opened up their second honeypot on Theatre Lane in Greystones – right here.

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