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January 16, 2020
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January 13, 2020
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The Boy Who Cried Woof

That’s the bugger of running a live, 24-hours-a-day news site – you never can tell each time you hear a cry that there really is a wolf.

Today being a good case in point.

With that relentless rain suggesting that, hey, it’s the end of days, any kind of cry comes with the added sense that hell is about to descend upon us.

And so, when GG HQ got an email from Wicklow County Council, informing us that an ESB pole was down outside Greystones Garda station, and – yikes! – it was on fire, we had to make that call whether this might actually be important.

Whether this particular cry was really a wolf?

So, we threw on our rain gear, grabbed that camera, jumped in the increasingly-leaky Guidemobile, and headed down to the station.

To be met with a bunch of silent, burly men in hi-vis jackets standing around an upright ESB pole. Looking burly.

Turns out it was just a cable that fell. And the local firemen were patiently waiting for the ESB to come and replace it.

There was no wolf. Nor was there a woof. Which is great news, of course.

Just not really news at all, if you think about it.

Which is something we have to do each and every feckin’ day.

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