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April 1, 2018
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No matter which angle you come from, the Drummin Trees always have the air of the iconic about them.

They’re our Hollywood sign, a signal that you’re almost home, and that those childhood friends are still keeping lookout.

Having grown up with a stone’s throw of these great Scot Pines, we’ve long been hoping to chart their history. Ireland’s tallest native evergreen, the Scot’s Pine has been growing here for over 7,000 years. So, you know, we’re keen to show a little respect to our elders.

A series of emails to Leo Harman, upon whose land they stand, sadly failed to coax the quiet man out of his shell to talk in front of our cameras.

Luckily, young Jody Connaughton – the man responsible for one of the most-loved Drummin Tree shots – does have a history of this local landmark. And it goes a little something like this

Apparently, the trees were known for many years by locals as The Soldiers, and whilst peddling his wares down at the Greystones Arts & Photography Exhibition down at the harbour, one sunny, Sunday afternoon, Jody managed to find out just why. With his framed Drummin print proudly on display, a passing elderly gent put the brakes on his bike and asked if the photographer himself was aware of the trees’ history

Replying in the negative, Jody was promptly treated to the following short history lesson. “During the war, when coal was scarce,” said the old man, “it was permitted that trees could be cut down in Wicklow, to provide much-needed fuel. The trees on Drummin hill were exempt from that order though, as they were used as a navigation aid by the pilots.”

And with that, the old man hopped back on his bike and cycled off. 

Which all sounds pretty plausible and, thankfully, poetic to us. Unless anyone out there knows a better history for these beauties…?

Video shot by the mighty David Hoctor

Drummin Trees SUN10JAN21 Phil McDarby

Drummin Trees SAT31OCT20 Phil McDarby

Drummin Trees Sunset SAT29AUG20 Phil McDarby

Sunrise Cloud Inverstion Drummin Trees MON22APR19 Phil McDarby

The Soldiers Say Goodnight 19MAR19 David Hoctor

Drummin Trees From Above. Pic: Colin O’Mahony

Drummin Trees: Heaven Sent. Pic: Colin O’Mahony

The Drummin Trees 2013. Pic Jody Connaughton

Drummin Trees In The Snow #2. Pic: David Harmon

Drummin Trees In The Snow. Pic: David Harmon

Far away, so close… Sugar Loaf Oct 2015. Pic: David Byrne

Drummin Trees Sunset. Pic: fotobyanna

Drummin Trees Rainbow. Pic Anne Fitzsimmons

The Ridge by Phil McDarby

Drummin Jets 15th Jan 2017. Pic: Pablo Photography

Drummin Trees From Way Over There 2nd Oct 2017. Pic: Pablo Photography

All The Way From Delgany Golf Course 13th May 2016. Pic: Pablo Photography

Storm’s a-brewin Nov 2017. Pic: Pablo Photography

Drummin Trees from Delgany Wood Nov 2017. Pic Carol Redmond

Drummin Trees Sunset. Pic: Tommy Moran

Drummin Trees 16th April 2016 Pablo Photography

Apocalypse Wow by Phil McDarby 30JAN19

Over The Hill by Nick Bradshaw Dec 2017

Sunset From Kilcoole. Pic: John Kennedy

Drummin Trees by Julie Dockery

Young Jody has a fine Drummin Trees print over here. Now, go Take A Hike somewhere else beautiful around here.


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  1. Emer says:

    My dad, Kevin Devereux, from Willow Grove called this field “pay bank”. I don’t know why..

  2. alan says:

    are they accessible, ie is there any right of way agreed, or are they on enclosed land?

    • Paul says:

      Seems to be private land all around the trees, so, you’d have to check with the locals before venturing up to the top…