The Talk Of De Town
February 5, 2020
Penny For The Guide?
October 28, 2019

We may be living during a period of relative freedom and prosperity – or so we’re told – but that doesn’t stop people from feeling increasingly anxious about these Trumpian times.

And that’s where a talk entitled Understanding And Treating Anxiety, Panic Attacks And Trauma: The Human Givens Approach comes in.

Happening as part of a monthly event wherein the Irish Living Food Association and Network hosts a Health & Wellness speaker followed by a food demo and a three-course meal,  the resulting talks are made available online. And on Saturday, February 15th at 3pm, Ann Marie Taylor is the guest speaker.

Ann Marie runs Brainheart, a life coaching service which sets out to help people navigate this crazy little thing called life.

The suggested donation for next Saturday is €20, which includes the talk, the demo and the slap-up meal.

You can find out more about Ann Marie’s talk at Healthy Habits Studio in Wicklow Town right about here, and about Brainheart right here.

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