Gansey Load Of Cove Submissions Filed
June 24, 2020
Backseat Power To The People
June 28, 2020

It was the bould Eilo Vickers who first pointed out to us that a whole new batch of houses were suddenly being built in her backyard.

And neither she nor GG had a feckin’ clue as to what this latest crop of cubicles might be.

Until today that is, when billboards for The Orchard popped up at the entrance to Grattan Park. Where, if you drive up to the hill, to the very back, you’ll find said estate, already firmly underway, and soon to hit the market.

The original spiel from McGovern Estates stated that the c.1 acre Little Orchard site had planning permission for 8 houses – and an asking price of €1.25m – but, somewhere along the way, another house has been added.

Which is how it works around here, apparently. Get your foot in the door, and then just start throwing on extra shoes.

The developers are James and Michael Howard – not to be confused with Florida interior designer James Michael Howard, but most probably connected to Lucan-based Howard Building Contractors. Developers have a habit of hiding, and so it is that the Howards duo, along with the developer listed on the billboard, Dunmoy Properties Limited, would rather not be on the interweb.

Still, this could very well be the last actual field in the centre of Greystones. It’s a call we’ve made before, but, these crafty developers just keep on surprising us by nabbing one more little patch of green that no one else had apparently seen.

Guessing a house in The Orchard is going to cost a pretty penny or two, but we’ll all have to wait to discover just how pretty. Word is, they’re going to be top-of-the-range. Even though the billboards are up, and the houses themselves just about, the official website has yet to go live.

Maybe they’re hoping to round the estate up to an even 10…?