Sing Hallelujah!
April 2, 2017
Going To The Chapel…?
April 3, 2017

Does this town ever feckin’ sleep…?

Sunday morning, crack of 9 o’clock, and the place is already a-hoppin’.

Joggers, dog walkers, moochers, messers, one-night-standers, Flanderses on their way to church – Jaysus, I thought it would be just GG, Mary-Kate from Fenestrations and the notorious Keown boys.

The reason for our doing a little bit of work on the Sabbath – forgive us, Elvis! – was the installation of a groovy new sign outside The Hungry Monk.

Painted by the lovely Mary-Kate Hardy, the old sign was just about to hit the 30-years-old mark, but it looked at least 75.

Back in 1988, when that original sign went up, and The Hungry Monk was just a wide-eyed new adventure, there was only one other restaurant in Greystones – the mighty Schooners, situated where The Copper Kettle once reigned supreme, and Buoys Kitchen now reside.

Hard to imagine, just one restaurant in the whole of Greystones. How did our poor ancestors survive, without a cappuccino jolt every 25 yards…?

It was plainly a highly emotional moment this morning, as the mighty Dave Gorman replaced the old sign with the new, but Pat and Julian Keown are men’s men. So, you know, they acted like they really couldn’t give a crap…

You can find out more about The Hungry Monk here,  and see our May 2016 interview with the boys here. Lots on the lovely Mary-Kate here, and you can find out about her Fenestrations work on her Facebook page here.




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  1. sid seed says:

    Well Dave use your 15 minute,s carefully !The coffee was going down well. Sid.

  2. Sharon John Mcdonald says:

    We both love your restaurant we had family went to the restaurant, we loved everything the food was so tasty, and we will be back again

  3. Aileen Lennon says:

    Maybe they’ll get around to spelling on the other sign… It should be Monks’ Rest…