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July 22, 2019
Whitmore Calls Out Minister Over Greystones Schools
July 25, 2019

Somedays, when you’re chasing an important story, you just end up going around in circles…

Having decided to avoid the near-3-hour wait from the last meeting, last night we asked local fisherman Ivan Toole to let us know when the 4pm meeting with the harbour powers that be had come to an end.

Two hours in, I sent the man a text. Nothing.

Three hours in, I tried a quick call. No answer.

Jaysus, could the meeting really have gone on that long?

Four hours in, still no sign of life, so, on the fifth hour, we reckoned it best to drive down. Which is when we saw that the Greystones Muncipal District offices was well and truly shuttered.

Another call to Ivan, and this time, the man answered. “Ah, sorry about that,” he explains. “Had to run home to look after the kids.”

Turns out we didn’t miss much, the meeting apparently a case of two steps back after June’s one step forwards. It was those running the harbour who had requested three weeks to go over the propositions – including the obvious solution of giving the fishermen a landing dock on the north pier, as planned, and as initially built – and it was these very same people who quickly made it obvious that, hey, three weeks simply wasn’t enough time.

Seemingly back-peddling on some of the ideas given the friendly nod back at that first meeting – the north pier, it now emerged, was now a very definite no – Sisk, BJ Marine and Glenveagh Homes stated instead that they had a surprise guest, who was coming with a surprise solution, next Wednesday. But they couldn’t say who. Or what the hell he would be carrying in his suitcase.

So, plenty to talk about, reckoned Ivan, and we duly arranged to meet down at the harbour today at noon. Upon seeing that rainy day morning, we shifted it to 2pm, Ivan happy to finish off a few errands down in Ashford first.

Come 2pm, no Ivan. We sent a text. Then another. We also moved the interview to La Creperie Enfoiré de flemmard, given that we had a meeting at 2.30pm there with the bould Mags Crean, and that we then had to run to Café Gray, so we could deliver to Elvis his brand, spanking and spanking new Vegas outfit. Tried Ivan once again. Nada.

Still haven’t heard from the fecker. Hope he’s okay. Kind of.

When it came to those early, endless meetings with Wicklow County Council and Sisk back in 2008, over just how the new harbour would be carved up, the big boys often quipped that the fishermen rarely ever turned up. We reckoned that such talk was just point-scoring. Now, we’re not so sure… 

Still, we made a plan to do this interview today, and being the sexy, handsome and debonair professionals that we are, GG kept up their side of the bargain… 

You can explore the shenanigans behind Greystones’ big harbour stand-off right about here.

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