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Normally, we’d put a nice big pic at the top of this page, but, once we saw this little video teaser for the upcoming Christmas panto at The Whale, well, we just couldn’t resist.

The fact that The Queen Who Cancelled Christmas marks the return of Bray’s iconic Dry Rain Theatre is also cause for celebration, as founder Lorraine O’Brien‘s son, David, grabs the reigns.

And whips the grand old horse back into glorious action.

Running at The Whale from Friday, December 28th to Sunday 30th, this promises to be a Christmas panto quite like no other. Even as David O’Brien and the gang embrace all the grand traditions of such Yuletide vaudevillian fun there’s an inventiveness here that sees Dry Rain bringing a newfound energy to the Christmas favourite.

Just as David had been sent to sleep dreaming of shoes and ships, and ceiling wax, of cabbages and kings, thanks to bedtime stories from his mum, Lorraine, now his own two little kids have magical nighttime dreams, as David creates fantastical sleepy-bye stories for them.

And one of those stories took such a hold on his two young daughters that daddy was inspired to develop it into an elaborate, ambitious, Whale logo overlay theatre - Copyfun-filled, fantasy-fuelled Christmas panto.

With actors Ciaran Coogan, Tara Nixon O’Neill and Emma O’Brien rehearsing inside, we managed to grab young O’Brien down at The Whale on this rainy afternoon to find out just how that bedtime favourite became The Queen Who Cancelled Christmas

Running from Friday, Dec 28th to Sunday 30th, you can grab your tickets for The Queen Who Cancelled Christmas at The Whale right here. You can check out the history of Dry Rain too, right herePanto photo by Keith Gordon.

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