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April 10, 2019
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April 10, 2019

Over the past week, pretty much everywhere GG looked, there was Finian Lennon’s happy little freckled face smiling back at us.

Sean Treacy‘s short film, Rue, wins him the Fresh Film Festival’s Young Filmmaker Of The Year? Hey, there’s Finian, one of the stars of this sweet little offering.

Disney start making a little more noise about their upcoming August adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl? Yep, there in the credits, it’s that bould Finian lad.

Heck, throw in this year’s fantasy adventure series Heirs Of The Night and Janine Benkhardt’s Chimes, and when someone sent me an email about a charity single just recorded by the rockin’ teenagers Alibi Island, I naturally assumed that was Finian sitting pretty right in the middle of the poster.

Turns out it wasn’t, but, it might as well have been, given the ridiculous amount of acclaimed plays, shorts and films this young Delgany lad has been producing in recent years.

And he’s only just turned 14. The feck.

With Rue hitting the big screen at The Whale on Wednesday, May 15th – playing support to a special 15th anniversary screening of another award-winning Irish offering, Adam & Paul, we decided to catch up with this rising young star. Before his army of PAs get in the way.

You can check out our 2018 interview with Finian here, and our 2017 chinwag here. You can also check out the lad’s screen CV on imdb here, see Rue here, our Sean Treacy interview here, and grab yourself a ticket for Adam & Paul on Wednesday, May 15th here.

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