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April 29, 2020
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There’s No Pilates Like Anne’s

Even her buddy, Mr Bones, seems darned impressed, as Anne Sexton holds aloft her latest thumbs up from the Pilates Method Alliance.

An association formed in 2001 for Pilates teachers worldwide, the PMA had already put Anne’s school through the hoops – and the Open-Leg Rocker – before awarding the title of National Certified Pilates Teacher.

Naturally, young Anne wasn’t content with that award, and so, headed to the States, to complete the next National Pilates Certification Programme challenge.

“Which turned out to be a whole lot tougher than I had imagined,” she laughs. “I head over to their teacher training summit yearly, because I want people to know that we’re dedicated to making this a world-class Pilates school. It’s something that I have believed in right from the very first time I read up on Joseph Pilates, and how he developed and perfected his physical fitness system a hundred years ago…”

And now, Anne has her Pilates Schools Approval Programme cert to prove that dedication.

“It would be easy to boast about Anne Sexton Pilates Studios being the best, or the biggest, or whatever,” continues Anne, “but it was important to me to have the years of hard work and dedication to be validated. And that meant a respected body that would let people know that our Pilates love is real.”

And now, alongside all the daily classes for people of all ages and levels of fitness, Anne Sexton Pilates Studios also offer the 450-hour comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programme.

“It’s been a long road to get to this point,” finishes Anne, “but, for me, for my customers, and for my student teachers, this journey has been so very worthwhile. Which is why I can’t stop grinning these days..”

You can find out about Anne’s daily online classes here, more about Anne Sexton Pilates on their website here, or follow them on Facebook here. You can also get in touch directly on annesextonpilates@gmail.com or 0872698375.