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My Greystones: Emma Jane Rushworth

MYGREYSTONES emma jane rushworth 24MAR16 - Copy
For anyone meeting Emma Jane Rushworth for the first time, the one thing that hits you the hardest is that beautiful, broad smile.

Emma Rushworth Theatre Lane Sculptures 15th Mar 2016 16 (678x1024)It’s infectious. And it’s got the power to melt even the most hardened of cynics into believing that, hey, all is well with the world. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the day is mine – all because Emma Jane is smiling. Yep, this woman can make you forget it’s raining buckets outside.

And that’s mainly because Emma Jane is away with the fairies. Those beautiful, sparkling, graceful, majestic fairies.

Emma Jane Rushworth Reasons To Be Cheerful 2015Coming here from Paris, with love, Ms Rushworth naturally started out in fashion, but that move to Greystones soon brought out something deeper, something more substantial, and today, Emma Jane is one of the country’s most sought-after sculptors. Specialising in copper-wire creations, Emma Jane’s work has featured on RTE and in the national media, as it graces some of the finer gardens Ireland has to offer. Including her own – worth checking out, if you happen to be passing the Rushworth HQ at the junction of Bellevue Road and Kindlestown Lower.

Hare-Wire-Sculpture-Girl-Emma-Jane-Rushworth-Vanishing-ArtWith her latest work now installed at Greystones’ Theatre Lane, Emma’s fame continues to rise. Not that celebrity is important to Ms Rushworth, as she sets about creating a little artist colony here in Greystones (Yvonne Leon is her immediate neighbour), doing it all whilst surrounded by her loving hubby, Paul, and their ridiculously happy little boys, Oscar and Charlie.

Maybe that’s why Emma Jane Rushworth is smiling all the time. She’s found the perfect balance of work, art and play right here in Greystones.

Just goes to show, being away with the fairies is a state we should all aim for…

You can check out Emma Jane’s work right about here.