Thrift Shop’s First Tuesday Sales

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January 29, 2020
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January 28, 2020
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Thrift Shop’s First Tuesday Sales

For those of you who need a break from Greystones #1 boutique, St Vincent de la Paul, having found it a tad too expensive for your tastes, help is at hand.

Those lovely people over at Kilcoole’s Thrift Shop host a monthly blowout, where all their ridiculously cheap goodies are, just for one day, half-price.

Which means you could have a whole new outfit, new music collection and new bike by Wednesday – and all for under a fiver.

Happening on the first Tuesday of each month, the half-price Thrift Shop sale is something to behold. And you’ll no doubt walking out holding quite a few bargains too.

You can check out our December 2016 with three Thrift Shop babes right here.

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