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May 22, 2020
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August 13, 2020
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Through The Past Brightly

It was way back in August 2016 that we finally convinced Greystones photographer Eamon Flynn to go rooting in his archives.

We already knew some of the beauties contained therein, given that Eamon’s #1 fan, Mrs Bridie Mooney, was selling some of them as postcards down in her much-loved sweet shop.

This former Irish Times engraver had more beauties buried under years of happy retirement though, and we were truly stunned by the almost ethereal quality of the man’s work.

An ethereal quality you can go and lose yourself in right here.

At the time, Eamon said there were more, but that, with a little free time the following week, he’d unearth those too. Just three months shy of four years later, that second batch of long-buried beauties finally arrived at GG HQ.

And, we think you’ll agree, they’re just as kick-ass as that first batch. We should have the third batch up in 2032…

Harbour View July 2005. Pic: Eamon Flynn

Cliff Walk View July 2005. Pic: Eamon Flynn

Walking The Dog June 2006 Pic Eamon Flynn

Greystones Harbour Load-Up June 2006 Eamon Flynn

Stroll On May 2006 Pic Eamon Flynn

Evening Sun October 2005. Pic Eamon Flynn

Fishermen’s Holiday Homes October 2005. Pic Eamon Flynn

The Quiet Before The Storm October 2005. Pic Eamon Flynn

Harbour Life September 2005. Pic: Eamon Flynn

Sky’s The Limit June 2019. Pic Eamon Flynn

Boat Repairs September 2005. Pic Eamon Flynn

Now, go explore Eamon’s early batch of beauties here.