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July 23, 2021
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July 20, 2021

ery possibly inspired by Diarmuid Gahan’s comment on our social media this morning, Whitmore & Neary are on the case…

Social Democrats TD for Wicklow and Cllr Jodie Neary of Greystones District, have called on Wicklow County Council to look at the introduction of an underground waste system to tackle what they call ‘a litter crisis’ in the County. Whitmore has said “towns and villages across Wicklow are experiencing an increase in litter and as a result of Covid and the Government’s campaign for an Outdoor Summer particularly on warmer days like recently experienced.

“As a result of good weather, places like Brittas Bay, Maghermore, Wicklow Town and even the Wicklow mountains are experiencing an increase in visitors – many visiting from outside the county – and who end up dumping a lot of their rubbish. is resulting in overflowing bins, even skips and fly tipping as a result which is not only creating an unsightly mess but is causing damage to the local environment.

“There simply isn’t the capacity to keep up with this and future trends of hotter weather due to climate change. We need a long-term solution such as an underground waste system used by other countries like Portugal which increases capacity and reduces workload for individual outdoor council staff.

“The idea behind an undergound waste system is under each bin is a larger underground waste area which when full, waste trucks can go around emptying as needed. I think this could be done on a smaller scale in Wicklow which could make a huge impact on our environment while putting our resources to better use.”

Also speaking to the issue, Cllr Neary says “as a local Councillor I am inundated with locals upset by the amount of litter piling up on streets in Greystones, Kilcoole and Delgany and in public spaces especially parks and beaches. While my requests for additional bins has gone a long way to alleviating this problem, these are only temporary while funding is still available. We need more permanent solutions and one that is sustainable for both the Council staff managing waste as well as for www.anniepooh.ielocals using our amenities so that Cllrs don’t have to go begging for more bins in future.

“I have requested that the Council look at the idea of an underground waste system and research into the potential of putting it in place in towns like Greystones for the long term solution to litter management.

“Our enjoyment of the outdoors is set to continue and as climate change worsens, we need local solutions like these to help better protect our environment,” concludes Cllr Neary.

Topline pic: Mary Lynch